CallMeWhatEver Photography

Photography by Daniel Zimmermann


Hey there! My name is Daniel and I live in Germany.

I work as an IT specialist but first and foremost I'm a passionate amateur photographer as well as an IT and gadget geek. I decided to publish my photos under the least restrictive Creative Commons license (Attribution - CC BY 2.0). If you want to use (e.g. download) a particular photo in full resolution, please check my Flickr profile for availability.

Please note: Some photos are marked as 'All Rights reserved' because they're licenced by Getty Images. If you want to use (resp. download) them for your own purpose, you're able to licence the photos on Getty Images. The according link can be found in the licence information of the corresponding picture on Flickr.

My website serves as a portfolio for the work I've done. I also share my content on many social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.

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